3rd July 2017

Thought of the Week:

Winning provides happiness, losing provides wisdom.


3rd July 2017

Dear Parents,

This morning we talked about learning through trying, and how we do not know if we are good at something or enjoy something unless we give it a try. We spoke about the things that the children have done over the academic year and recognised that there are some things that they themselves feel they are good at and others they feel they are not. We also talked about how nice it is as an older person to look back at all their achievements and certificates with fond memories.

Summer Show – Monday 3rd and Thursday 6th July

We are looking forward to seeing parents and visitors at the show. We do hope that everyone enjoys the performances and recognises all the hard work and effort the children and staff have put into it.

Speech Night – Tuesday 11th July

Our annual Speech and Awards Evening is next week and once again we are delighted to have a guest speaker who is excited to be attending.

The guest speaker hopes to come into school to do an assembly on Monday or Tuesday next week so that children know them and feel more comfortable on the evening itself.

Upper School Toilet / Changing Rooms

Please refrain from entering the changing rooms / toilet areas as these are just for pupils. We have to stop parents and visitors going into these areas due to safeguarding, so please respect this.

Summer Fair – Raffle Prizes

The raffle has been drawn and the prizes sent home with the children / families. The PTA has a list of the prizes and who won them.

Thank you very much for all your support.

End of Year Reports

All reports have been written and they are currently being checked by other staff. These will be given out on Thursday 13th July. Please note that we cannot guarantee reports will be ready before the last day of term due to the detail and volume of them.

Have a lovely week.

Kind regards,

Mrs Follett