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This week Jacob and Emily have commendations for their achievements. Jacob for his amazing painting of a wolf and Emily for her beautiful oration of Hadrian’s Wall.



Form 4 have been creating circle trees in the style of Kandinsky.



In Literacy we will be looking at and appraising the author Michael Morpurgo and studying his book The Butterfly Lion as a class reader.  We will be looking at story structures and characters. Within creative writing sessions, we will be using a multisensory approach to describe imaginative scenes. We will also be considering the impact of detailed and descriptive character descriptions, considering how our characters move, sound and appear and the ways in which these characteristics can feed directly into a character’s personality. Our grammar sessions will focus on the different parts of speech with the view that by the end of the half term the children will become more confident when identifying and defining nouns, adjectives, verbs and adverbs

In Numeracy we will be focusing upon number operations, written and mental methods. The children will be revising and developing their understanding of the Four Rules (as covered within Form 3), with consideration for real world applications. For example, the children will be calculating the cost of extensive phone bills.

As Scientists  we will be studying  Electricity . We will be learning about electric circuits and testing various materials ability to conduct electricity. The children will put their knowledge to the test by building their own circuit game.

As Historians we will begin our topic on Invaders and Settlers starting with the Romans .We will begin by discussing Historical Time Lines and sequencing evens in chronological order. We will then go on to cover the Roman invasion of Briton- exploring the ongoing conflict between the Britons and the Romans, examining life in Roman- British town, learning about Boudicca’s revolt and finishing with designing and making 3D mosaics

As Creative Technicians  we will cover digital Citizenship and technology. The children will be thinking about how to use technology safely, respectfully and responsibly – recognising acceptable and unacceptable behaviour; as well as how to report concerns about content and contact.

As ICT specialists we will be using ICT to write for a variety of different audiences and purposes. We will be employed as journalists and editors of the newspaper Brilliant Branwood. As part of our roles, we will write engaging articles before using a variety of different techniques to format and edit our final pieces.

As Linguists we will be using games, songs and other interactive activities to learn how to tell the time and read timetables, as well as discuss a variety of school subjects with confidence.

As Musicians we will be studying the topic ‘Salt, Vinegar, Mustard, pepper.’ We will be studying playground games and our objective is to compose our own using rhythm and words to accompany actions such as clapping, jumping, skipping etc. Our second topic is painting with Sound’, where we will explore colour and works of art and link them to music. Artists will include Van Gogh, Turner, Lowry and Monet.

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This video has been used with F4 to discuss E-Safety.  Please feel free to watch yourselves or with your child to create further discussion at home.

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