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Form 4 Commendations go to Jacob and Liam for writing inspirational murder and mystery stories



Form 4’s trip to the GMP Museum


In Literacy we will continue to study The Iron Man by Ted Hughes and as with The Butterfly lion we will be using the book as a class reader. We will also be looking at the author in more depth for example his life and his poetry.

In Creative Writing we will be looking at look different writing genres such as Science Fiction , Imaginary Worlds and Adventure and Mystery which will further  involve the use of persuasive language, similes, metaphors  and personification  as well as more advanced grammar covered in our general English lessons. This is also the term before the Summer exams so a certain amount of revision in grammar will also be covered.

In Numeracy we will be focusing once again upon multiplication tables, factors, multiples and prime numbers. We will be continuing and developing the four basic rules of maths in both mechanical and problematic form but concentrating on Decimals multiplication and division and introducing percentages and averages and in our topic work we will be investigating the various form of Symmetry and data handling including bar graphs and Venn diagrams. As with the literacy we will also be doing revision for the upcoming exams.

As Scientists, we will be continuing our topic on Humans and Animals, looking at the various differences and similarities.

As Geographers we will be further  investigating  the Weather around the World- where we will be looking at holiday destinations and the different types of weather, extreme temperatures and climate patterns. We will also studying Europe specifically the capitals cities and paying special attention to Eastern Europe.

As Creative Technicians  we will be covering the topic  Roman Mosaics and linking it to our previous history topic on Invaders  and Settlers. We will be  looking at the key features of mosaics and the children will be designing their own.

In ITC  This term we will be looking at Microsoft Word in depth study features such as documents and changing font styles.

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This video has been used with F4 to discuss E-Safety.  Please feel free to watch yourselves or with your child to create further discussion at home.

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