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In Literacy we will be looking at creative writing, grammar and verbal reasoning. Within creative writing sessions, we will be using a variety of approaches to describe imaginative scenes. We will also be considering detailed descriptions within various different genres. Our grammar sessions will focus on the different parts of speech with the view that by the end of the half term the children will become more confident when identifying and defining nouns, adjectives, verbs and adverbs. Formal spelling rules will also be reinforced through weekly tests.

In Numeracy we will be focusing upon the decimal number system, the four rules of number, place value and associated real life problems. Formal written methods will be explored in depth as will mental methods. The children will continue to consolidate and developing their understanding of number (as covered within Form 4). More complex decimal calculations, and all areas of vulgar fractions and a variety of problems will be developed throughout the term and continue through the year

As Scientists we will be looking at life processes and living things. We will be focussing on the Animal and Plant Kingdoms and learning that living things are classified as either plant or animal. We will be learning about the life processes common to plants and animals and the classification of animals into vertebrates and invertebrates.

As Geographers we will be looking at World Continents and learning about their location, shape and size. We will begin by learning the main countries and capital cities of Europe as well as some of the European mountain ranges, rivers and seas.

As Artists we will be developing our sketching and shading skills using a variety of media. We will be observing the colour, shape and size of tropical birds and producing our own drawings of the birds in their natural environment.

As Creative Technicians and Athletes – we will be covering the work associated with the natural world, including still life and modern sculpture.   We will aim to create our own work in the style of the Barbra Hepworth school of sculpture. In sport we will do our winter sports programme of football, rugby, netball, gymnastics etc. including House matches and fixtures with other schools.

As ICT Specialists we will be using ICT to write for a variety of different audiences and purposes. We will cover digital citizenship and technology. Thinking about e-safety as well as how to report acceptable/unacceptable content.

As Linguists we will be using games, songs and other interactive activities to learn how to tell the time and read timetables, as well as discuss a variety of school subjects with confidence in our main area of study – Spanish.

As Musicians we will be studying different genres of music across a wide variety of geographical areas and traditions.  We will also be studying many different structures to help us become composers.

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