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Erin and Kimi have done THE most exceptional spelling homework, totally unprompted!







In Literacy we will continue to look at creative writing, grammar, comprehension and verbal reasoning. Within creative writing sessions, we will be using a variety of approaches to describe imaginative scenes. We will also be considering detailed descriptions within various different genres. Our grammar sessions will continue to focus on the different parts of speech whilst also developing other technical grammatical techniques. Comprehension skills will be developed in depth through the use of different and varied texts. Class readers will be used.  Formal spelling rules will continue to be reinforced through weekly tests.

In Numeracy we will be focusing upon formal decimal and vulgar fractions moving onto fractions of a quantity and percentages. Formal written methods will be explored in depth as will mental methods. The children will continue to consolidate and developing their understanding of number (as covered during the Autumn Term). This will then allow for the consideration of more complex problem solving including; unequal sharing, ratio, probability etc.

Furthermore, the children will begin working through the CEM verbal reasoning and comprehension books in preparation for their Trafford exam, at the beginning of the next academic year.

As Scientists  we will be studying  The Physical World including properties of materials, changes and  friction etc. We will use this knowledge to consider a variety of different experiments.

As Geographers we will begin our topic on Our World .We will begin by discussing geographical concepts such as physical and economic geography and develop this into a study of different parts of the world. We will look at the main physical and climatic features of the world as well as the impact of economic change upon geographical regions.

As Creative Technicians and Sports People – we will continue to study natural form and still life as well as personal sculptures.  We will aim to create our own modern art work in the style of Mondrian. In sport we will continue winter sports programme of football, rugby, netball etc. including fixtures with other schools.

As ICT specialists we will continue to use ICT to write for a variety of different audiences and purposes. We will look to use technology as an aid to our work in Branwood and also in the wider world around us.

As Linguists we will be using grammar, speech and other interactive activities to learn how to speak and write in Spanish. Our efforts will help us develop as Spanish linguists.

As Musicians we will be study in depth different styles and genres of musical form.  We will continue to be composers and perform our own works.

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This week’s commendations have been awarded to Zara for Maths, Erin for an amazing poem and Kimi for outstanding spelling homework.