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The following children in FORM 6 were commended for their excellent Shakespeare Acting Skills: Lana, Zara and Erin


…and finally Freddie in Form 6 was commended for being exceptionally helpful and kind to the children in KG1 and KG 2


This Term's Topics:

In Literacy we will be continuing to have regular grammar and comprehension lessons as well as opportunities to write in a variety of styles and for a variety of purposes focussing on our exploration of the Malorie Blackman Novel ‘Noughts and Crosses’. Much of the writing we do will be linked to this novel and our History topic of World War II and tasks will range from writing from the perspective of an evacuee to more factual based information pieces, as well as looking at Anne Frank in detail and the survivors from the Concentration Camps. We will also be focussing on prominent Black Leaders and their impact on the abolition of segregation. We are also studying Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet in detail as well as exploring some of the drama this fantastic play presents.

In Numeracy we will continue to be focused upon high quality mathematical thinking as well as developing our presentation and accuracy skills. To this end we will cover a wide variety of topics related to real life mathematics including ‘eco-maths’ – ‘the word of work’ – and ‘planning a holiday’ etc. The four rules of number, fractions and algebra etc. will also continue to be prominent as we work towards end of year internal examination success.

As Scientists, we will look at the Eye, Light, the Heart and the Periodic Timetable. We will also be looking the reproductive system in some detail, appropriate to age.

As Geographers we will continue our topic of Rivers and look at ‘Our Changing World’ and the effects of weathering and erosion. Global and Local location will also form part of our Geography lessons.

As Historians we will continue our study of World War II. This will include examining how the war began as well as investigating what life was like during the war and studying key events and characters from the war.

As Creative Technicians we will examine the propaganda posters of World War II and analyse the purpose and style. We will then attempt to recreate an example which we found particularly effective. We will also be creating play scripts for Romeo and Julliet, designing sets and costumes too.

As Linguists we will continue with our weekly Spanish lessons building up both our vocabulary and confidence in pronunciation.

As Musicians we will be working towards our Summer Production of ‘Carnival of Animals’ making excellent use of our time to hone our solo skills as well as our choral parts. Tying in with our Drama and the use of fluency, intonation and expression in performance.

What We Are Reading Now...

The Adventures of Bobcorn

An interview with Bobcorn after his Christmas holidays with Kimi

Spotlight On...

Form 6 were asked to research the World War II diarist, Yoko Moriwaki, as part of our History topic. These are the wonderful results of their research. Zain, Erin and Eleanor’s projects were incredibly interesting to read, well written and accurate.

Monday Spelling Magic...

Form 6 spelling homework from Lana, Mason, Kimi and Mimi…a terrific set of exemplary spelling homework from these hard working children.

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An overview of the information presented at the Aspirations & Expectations event can be found HERE

The current timetable can be viewed HERE

The Never Such Innocence Essay Competition results are in and unfortunately this year we haven’t been successful, despite some excellent entries from our Branwood pupils. T He winning work can be viewed on the NSI website, and we are sure you will agree it is fantastic.