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The commendation this week goes to Babelynn for having a super week and being extra helpful and working really hard all week!


Form 6 have written this lovely poem about stopping and appreciating what is around us, rather than rushing about all the time.

This Term's Topics:

In Literacy we will be continuing to have regular grammar and comprehension lessons as well as opportunities to write in a variety of styles and for a variety of purposes. Much of the writing we do will be linked to our preparation for the Grammar School exams and will focus on GL, CEM and Bond work for our Verbal Reasoning activities. We will base our work on all local schools including WGS, MSHG, MGS, Bolton Boys and Girls, St Bedes, Bury and Bridgewater etc. We will also work on our interview skills and public speaking presence.

In Numeracy we will be fully focused upon the Manchester Independent Consortium Examinations. We will also base our work on all local schools including WGS, MSHG, MGS, Bolton Boys and Girls, St Bedes, Bury and Bridgewater etc.

We will cover a wide variety of topics related to these examinations – including algebra, time speed and distance, conversion graphs and GL work in Mathematics and NVR.

As Scientists we will be looking at life processes and living things. We will be focussing on the Animal and Plant Kingdoms and learning that living things are classified as either plant or animal. We will be learning about the life processes common to plants and animals and the classification of animals into vertebrates and invertebrates.

As Linguists we will continue with our weekly Spanish lessons building up both our vocabulary and confidence in pronunciation.

As Musicians we will be study in depth different styles and genres of musical form. We will continue to be composers and perform our own works.

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An overview of the information presented at the Aspirations & Expectations event can be found HERE


November 2018 Exam Timetable

Trafford Exam Tips:

* Please remember to allow at least an hour and half travel time to your exam venue. Best advice is to get there early, park up and have a snack and chat in the car. They won’t allow you in until the specified time on your registration sheet but early is better than being stressed about traffic!

* Please ensure you take 3/4 pens, 3/4 pencils, 2 rubbers, 2 rulers and a highlighter into the exams with you.

* Remember to check your answers, stay calm and have confidence!