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Star of the week is Isobel for her lovely letter formation.


Work of the week has been done by Sebastian for his fantastic phonics work.



kg1-09-12-16Myla  drew a picture of  spider and hearing initial sounds.Myla  drew a picture of  spider and hearing initial sounds.myla-writing-spider-1Save





Our key areas of Literacy and Numeracy.  In Literacy we will be looking at a variety of stories about rain, growing plants and how butterflies develop including Noah`s Ark. We will continue to learn new action rhymes and begin to look at the shape and sound of the letters j z  w  v  y   ai  oa  ie  ee  or   . Please encourage your child to show you the sound table, the children may bring an object to show each Friday related to the sound of the week. We will continue to concentrate on the formation of letters and encourage independent writing.  In Numeracy we will be focusing upon measuring full, nearly full and empty and heavy and light and simple addition, times of the day. We will still work upon counting and recognising numbers to 10 and beyond. A priority this term will be to form our numbers and letters correctly and to encourage independent writing.

As Scientists, we will look at why it rains and why we need rain and how plants grow, and the development of butterflies.

As Geographers we will discuss season and weather changes around us, record weather changes over a 3 week period and look at the effect warm summer weather has on growing plants and vegetables in the garden.

As Historians we will be discussing how we change over time, we will also be discussing our immediate past: what we have been doing during our holiday and at the weekend.

As Creative Technicians we will be exploring colours and colour mixing as we create our own rainbows. We will also explore symmetry as we use mirrors to reflect one side of our butterfly. We will be self-selecting in our workshop area to make our own drawings and creations.

As Linguists we will be continuing work on greetings, numbers and colours. The children will be introduced to family names and shapes.

As Musicians we will be exploring the musical elements of pulse [keeping steady time] and pitch [higher and lower sounds] using Traditional tales e.g. Little Red Hen, The Hare and the Tortoise and The Enormous Turnip. The children will use musical instruments, body percussion and simple scores to progress. Short musical games will also improve particular skills and confidence.

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