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Christmas has come to KG2! We have started to think about our Christmas wish list and completed some lovely writing, all displayed in our winter themed cloakroom!

Next week: We will be looking at what makes a kind friend.


In Literacy we will be looking at a variety of stories about our different weekly books, during our first week we will be discussing a variety of books with a ’My first day at school’ focus. Allowing us to discuss and elevate any anxieties or concerns about starting KG2. We will be working hard to extend our writing during focus tasks and independent challenges during our investigation of Harvest, Halloween, Bonfire night and winter festivals. We will continue to concentrate on the formation of letters and encourage independent writing.

In Numeracy we will be focusing upon counting forwards and backwards to 20 with fluidity. We will be striving to instil a solid grasp on number recognition and would encourage this to continue at home. We will be investigating shapes in the environment (both 2D and 3D) and discussing the properties of each.

As Scientists, we will measure our height on our first day, discussing and documenting the results. We will make a prediction on (if anything) will change when we repeat the experiment in the final weeks.

As Geographers we will discuss season and weather changes around us, recording weather changes we have noticed in our immediate environment.

As Historians we will be discussing how hobbies and interests have changed over time through discussions with grandparents and research. We will investigate the poppy and its meaning, during remembrance day.

As Creative Technicians we will be exploring colours, materials and textures through a variety of projects. We will create our prayer mats, posters, paintings and much more which we will endeavour to display in the classroom.

As Linguists we will be continuing work on increasing our vocabulary range. Understanding the appropriate ways to deliver advice, stories and instructions to adults and peers. Correcting any improper speech sounds through consistent correct adult communication and paricise phonic sessions.

As Musicians we will be exploring rhyme and rhythm through daily songs. We will be taking part in the Christmas nativity, singing, dancing and acting for our important roles.

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