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Our final week before half term has come to an end. This week we celebrated all the professionals who supported our city in the Manchester attack last year. To commemorate the occasion we held a minute silence and created lots of bees. We particularly enjoyed looking at the shadows our bees created on the playground.

Over the half term please try to recap number bonds to 10 with your children. These are the numbers that total 10. (8+2, 7+3, 6+4 etc). We would like all children to recall these number facts to ten at speed.


We return on the 11th of June for our final five weeks in KG2!


Enjoy the break!


For the first half of the final term we will be concluding our current ‘All About Me’ Topic.

In Literacy we will be continuing to looking at a variety of stories we will be listening to different stories about under the sea and responding to questions showing our understanding of the story. We will be thinking of my own endings to my favourite stories and attempting to write our ideas independently.

In Numeracy be will be continuing to count in 10’s, 2’s and 5s. We will be using addition and subtraction looking at different under the sea creatures i.e. how many legs does an octopus and a star fish have altogether? We will be starting to recognise odd and even numbers. We will be learning the values of doubling and halving numbers.

As Scientists, we will be using the internet to find out more about under the sea creatures.  We will be explaining to our classmates what information we have found out. We will investigate floating and sinking and which materials would be more suitable ‘under the sea’.

As Geographers, we will be investigating where in the world particular sea creatures are found, Comparing similarities and differences between the different sea life.

As Historians, We will be remembering and discussing our own experiences at the beach around the UK and beyond.

As Creative Technicians, We will be creating different pictures /models of under the sea using a variety of resources e.g. jellyfish, crabs, fish, star fish, boats, submarines, octopuses, periscopes, telescopes, pirate costumes.

As Linguists, We will be role playing scenarios about mistreating animals from under the sea and discuss what is right and wrong.

As Musicians, We will be listening to under water music and talking about how it makes me feel.

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