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This week we have been completing our topic surrounding Chinese New Year. Yesterday we had the opportunity to taste some delicious Chinese food and KG2 showcased their skills with a set of chopsticks! We have been continuing with lots of focus writing and have looked at positional language in our maths work.

Enjoy the two week break. We are returning to school on Monday 26th February at 8:30.


In Literacy we will be looking at a variety of stories about different families and how the live. We will be looking at our family and comparing them to families in the stories we read. We will be discussing and writing about people who are special to us and our emotions during certain events in our own personal lives.

In Numeracy be will be counting with simple number ordering forwards and backwards and begin to count in 10’s, 2’s and 5s. We will be beginning to investigate 3D shapes, looking at the properties each shapes has. We will be measuring and printing our own feet and hands. Comparing them to our peers and answering questions to showcase our knowledge and understanding.

As Scientists, we will be investigating our five senses, working out what each sense does for us during our daily lives. We will be isolating the parts of the body associated which each sense and finding out what happens if we temporarily prevent the use of a particular sense.

As Geographers, we will be discussing our own family homes and researching different family homes.

As Historians, we will be looking at the lives of children in years gone by. Beginning by mind-mapping questions from the children and conducting our own research methods to find out the answers.

As Creative Technicians, we will be using mirrors to draw our features, creating a miniature template of ourselves as individuals representing our own unique features.

As Linguists, we will be learning to talk about myself using describing words such as tall, short. We will be thinking about sequence of events in stories and saying what happened in the beginning, middle and end.

As Musicians, we will be continuing to exploring rhyme and rhythm through daily songs. We will be taking part in weekly music sessions and experimenting with different instruments.

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