Form Four

Form Four

For children aged 8-9

Form Four is an exciting year in a child’s development, both academically and socially. Over the course of the year, the children learn to take a mature responsibility for their actions as they grow into caring young ladies and gentlemen. The children learn to maintain and develop meaningful friendships with not only their peers but also children of different ages and adults alike. They learn to consider the feelings and emotions of themselves and others through mature conversations and interactive activities.

Academically, the children make a great deal of progress across all curriculum areas, building upon work covered in Form Three. Notably the focus on the teaching of Literacy and Numeracy increases in Form Four as the children work towards the Form Six entrance examinations. However subjects such as Science, History, Geography, Art, IT, RE and PSHCE are also covered in a cross curricular format.

The class iPads are a fantastic tool to support the more traditional teaching methods in these subject areas.


The teaching experiences are devised to ensure that the children are continuously engaged, enthused and involved in their learning. The children of Form Four learn to constructively criticise the quality of their own work through the use of self and peer assessment strategies.

The children also enjoy a rich variety of extra- curricular activities, which allow them the opportunity to showcase their talents and experiment with new activities. These extra-curricular activities include swimming, lacrosse, chess, and drama, to name just a few.

The children also continue to have weekly Music, Spanish and PE lessons delivered by specialist teachers.

Form 4 Staff

Mrs Walker


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