Form Six

Form Six

For children aged 10-11

Form 6 is the year in which the children sit their entrance examinations to the Senior Independent Schools which form part of the Manchester Consortium of Independent Schools, as well as the Trafford 11+ examinations. This is the culmination of the children’s time at Branwood, when the rewards for all their hard work and effort come to fruition.

The September term begins with the children starting the process of final revision, including the polishing of methods and techniques and the rigorous practising of past examination papers. This process can seem a daunting one to both children and parents at the start, but with careful planning and delivery by our staff, plus the odd shoulder to cry on, the process moves along quite smoothly with the children finally sitting the examinations in January. Following this comes the period of waiting until the results are finally published in February, a day of great celebration and excitement.

Our children are often commended for their ability to face up to such an important time in their educational careers, and for their ability to excel with both their academic success and outstanding personal achievements.

Following the examinations, the timetable broadens for Form 6 and they begin studying other topic areas, such as Britain Since 1930, World War Two, Art and Design and Science topics including ‘The World of Microbes’, ‘Moving Images’ and ‘Extreme Sports’. There are plenty of opportunities for trips and visits as we take the children to the Imperial War Museum North, the Catalyst Science Museum and the annual residential trip to Patterdale Hall in the Lake District. Here the children have the opportunity to take part in outside sports and activities which include rock climbing, team challenges and archery. This is a great time for the Form to be together before they embark on the next exciting stage of their adventure, Secondary School.

Form 6 Staff

Mrs Hague


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