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Anya – for her amazing spelling sentences.


In Literacy we will be looking at and continuing to appraise the author Michael Morpurgo and studying his book “The Butterfly Lion” more in depth as a class reader. We will also begin to study The Iron Man by Ted Hughes and as with The Butterfly lion we will be using the book as a class reader. In creative writing we will be focusing on Report Writing, Instructional Texts and News Paper and Journalistic Writing which will involve the use of persuasive language , similes and metaphors  as well as more advanced grammar covered in our general English lessons.

In Numeracy we will be focusing once again  upon multiplication tables, factors , multiples and prime numbers  We will be continuing and developing the four basic rules of maths in both mechanical and problematic form but concentrating on more advanced Fractions and in our topic work we will be investigating further  – Time and working out Time tables and concentrating on Angles and Degrees

As Scientists, we will be learning about and investigating Sound and how different sounds travel. We will also be studying Animals including Humans and concentrating on the digestive system.

As Geographers  we will be further  investigating the Weather around the World- where we will be looking at holiday destinations and the different types of weather, extreme temperatures and climate patterns.

As Historians we will be continuing our studies of Raider and Settlers and this term concentrating on The Vikings. We will be delving into the lifestyle and activities of these people and creating a Viking journal which will link up with our literacy topic of Journalistic writing.

As Creative Technicians  we will be covering the topic  -“ Pop Art” where the children will be making observations and collect research to inform sketches and designs based on the Artists Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein. The Children will make repeated image photos in the style of Andy Warhol using our I pads. And they will look closely at the images of Roy Lichtenstein drawing  children’s attention to repeated use of dots to create a larger images.

As Musicians We will be studying the Dragon Scales based on the Chinese Pentatonic Scale. We will be composing pieces and playing tuned percussion  instruments.


Mrs Walker’s Rubbish Assembly

Hopefully not literally, but in keeping with the theme of “looking after our world” we decided to base our assembly on – Rubbish – and how detrimental it is, not only to ourselves but also to animals and plant life alike.

Form 4 actively took part in the assembly which was lead by Mrs Walker.  The assembly looked at issues such as Urban Wild Life, Our Community, Recycling in general and what WE can do to make a positive change.

This is part of our Eco-friendly initiative which encourages the children to be aware of environmental issues which affect us not only in general but also on a daily basis.

Our News...

As part of celebrating Black History Month, Form 4 have been designing their own Black Lives Matter posters.

Here are Issie and Isaac showing some of the children’s work.

Other Useful Information:

This video has been used previously with F4 to discuss E-Safety.  Please feel free to watch yourselves or with your child to create further discussion at home.