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This weeks commendations go to Krishav and Kirat for being awesome!


The form 6’s had to create a visual information station on an International River and also recreate the Water Cycle to support their current Geography topic.
Lucinda captivated everyone’s imagination with her amazing project on the River Yangtze. It was a stunning visual explosion of clever facts interwoven into the fabric of her excellent artistic skills and represents the essence of the project to an extremely high standard! Lucinda was also very well versed on all areas of her river of choice and could answer many questions posed by her peers. Everyone marvelled at Lucinda’s excellent artistic skills and again she has created something worthy of the WOW factor!
William carefully crafted, designed and finally created the most creative and detailed model of the Amazon River with clever ‘popsicles’ of information dotted around his canopy of trees, designed to give a real-life effect and feel for the density of the Amazon jungle. William was extremely confident in his delivery and animated while delivering his speech and everyone enjoyed his clever water cycle experiment which had the entire class captivated and enthralled throughout!
Danae’s project board was an explosion of information that had everyone entertained from start to finish. She cleverly entwined her Water Cycle explanation into the life of her river and her visual facts and details were exquisitely drawn. She presented well and her artistic flair was celebrated again in this excellent project.
Three masterpieces of independent projects that show just what tremendous talent we have in Form 6! 🌟


Quotes that inspire us as we go through this important chapter in our lives

This Term's Topics:

In Literacy we will be continuing to have regular grammar and comprehension lessons as well as opportunities to write in a variety of styles and for a variety of purposes. Much of the writing we do will be linked to our preparation for the Grammar School exams and will focus on GL, CEM and Bond work for our Verbal Reasoning activities. We will base our work on all local schools including WGS, MSHG, MGS, Bolton Boys and Girls, St Bedes, Bury and Bridgewater etc. We will also work on our interview skills and public speaking presence.

In Numeracy we will be fully focused upon the Manchester Independent Consortium Examinations. We will also base our work on all local schools including WGS, MSHG, MGS, Bolton Boys and Girls, St Bedes, Bury and Bridgewater etc. We will cover a wide variety of topics related to these examinations – including algebra, time speed and distance, conversion graphs and GL work in Mathematics and NVR.

As Scientists we will be looking at the human circulatory system; breaking down the way that oxygen from the air and nutrients from food are transported around the body. We will also look at the impacts of drugs upon the human body; both prescribed and recreational. In addition, we will look at living things in terms of their characteristics and how biologists classify them using the Linnaean system.

As Linguists we will continue with our weekly Spanish lessons building up both our vocabulary and confidence in pronunciation.

As Musicians we will be study in depth different styles and genres of musical form. We will continue to be composers and perform our own works.

As Creative Technicians we will explore Silhouettes and Remembrance, and create our own Christmas Tree Crafts. We will continue to use Microsoft Teams for homework and our remote learning.



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