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Yusha for his wonderful labelling this week. He labelled a frog beautifully, taking attention to detail. Well done.
Kaison for his improved effort in his reading this week. He showed us exactly what he is capable of, and we are all extremely proud of him. Well done.


We have had a super first week in KG2. The children have settled in well and have adapted well to the change of routine.
We have started to assess the children and will continue to do this next week. The children drew pictures of their summer holiday and wrote about it. In PSHE we have discussed what we enjoy doing the most. The children had some fantastic ideas from going to the park with parents to watching the stars. Mrs Dickinson has been making pictures of fruit for our fruit bowl display. This week, our PE star of the week was Noah.
Next week during our literacy lessons, we will learn the rhyme ‘One, two, Buckle my shoe,’ and we will read ‘Stanley’s stick’ and ‘Stick man.’ In maths we will be counting forwards and backwards, starting at various numbers. We will also practise writing our numbers.
We will also welcome you to our transition meeting where I will explain routines, discuss the year ahead and answer any questions.

Well done KG2.

Mrs Boulton

Mrs Dickinson


Onyi for challenging herself by writing a letter to her friend. Well done.


Summer Term 2022

This term we will continue to investigate animals, growing and changing.  

Our key areas of Literacy and Numeracy.

In Literacy we will be looking at a variety of stories, including the Rumble in the Jungle, Commotion in the Ocean, Jack and the Beanstalk, the tiny seed, the very hungry caterpillar, tadpoles promise and the very lazy ladybird.  We will continue concentrate on writing sentences independently using full stops, capital letters and spaces between our words. We will write our own stories, concentrating on the characters. We will also write non-fiction books about animals and invent our own animals. In our writing we will continue to ensure that our letters are formed correctly. We will follow our interests during challenge time, perhaps writing books, lists, menus, signs, notes, etc.  

In Numeracy we will be focussing upon capacity, addition, subtraction, shape, time, doubling and halving, fractions and number games. We will continue to recognise our numbers to 100 and beyond as well as forming our numbers correctly. 

As Scientists, we will continue to explore seasonal changes. We will discuss the changes in animals and plants.  

As Geographers we will discuss Summer and any changes that we can see.  

As Historians we will continue to discuss our immediate past: what we have been doing during our holiday and at the weekend. 

As Creative Technicians we will continue to use our art area, making items to use during our challenge time. 

As Linguists we will be learning action songs, following commands as well as learning about the house, family, animals and mini-beasts. We will also consolidate previous language.  

As Musicians we will be exploring the use of pitch, tempo and dynamics through a variety of action songs and games based on animals. We will become members of a class orchestra, following a conductor.

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