Form Five

Form Five

For children aged 9-10

Form 5 is the final teaching year before the examination preparation for the Independent School examinations which are taken in Form 6. Accordingly, the emphasis is very much on Mathematics, English and Verbal and Non-verbal reasoning, as these are the core subjects for the external examinations.

Most children become free readers early on in Form 5 and enjoy choosing and reading a wide range of novels, stories and poems as well as non-fiction books. In their reading comprehension activities they learn how to approach different questions and how to use a mark scheme to give detailed answers. They continue to write in a range of different styles and genre and are introduced to new narrative techniques in order to make their writing ever more entertaining and engaging. In Mathematics, they are introduced to a range of new skills and concepts and they learn to apply their mathematical knowledge to a variety of problem.

However, there is still plenty of fun. Form 5 continues with Art, DT, Science, Geography and History. The children particularly enjoy the school visit to Tatton Hall where they play the role of Victorian servants scrubbing the floors and baking in the kitchens. Outside the classroom, Form 5 enjoy netball, football, gymnastics, judo, drama and chess clubs. Many are in the choir and play musical instruments and they are all fully involved in the magnificent summer production.

The children also continue to have weekly Music, Spanish and PE lessons delivered by specialist teachers.


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