Form Four

For children aged 8-9

Greetings from Form 4.

With their first year of Upper School behind them, Form 4 is where the children continue to build further upon this secure introduction and we begin to lay the groundwork for the final stretch of Branwood. With the support of their Form 4 teacher Mr Sullivan, our children continue to build and demonstrate consistent engagement with their school work.  Expectations rise in terms of both volume and the standard of work expected, but this is fostered in a supportive and safe environment.

We work at a gentle, gradual pace before speeding up accordingly once the confidence of the children is fully established. Through our carefully crafted curriculum, children begin to explore the higher concepts, such as solving calculations using fractions in Maths and forming balanced arguments in English.

form 4
Beyond English and Maths, Form 4 is one of our most dynamic years in Science. Investigations are plentiful in Form 4. From making string telephones, to exploring tooth decay; from melting chocolate to building working electric circuits; this is certainly a year to relish! Mr Sullivan is the school’s Science specialist, and his infectious passion for the subject means that much fun is had.

In addition to our academic coverage, Form 4 is also a key year in developing that inner belief and resilience that comes with an ever-increasing standard of work and which holds them in good stead for the examination pressures that lie ahead. Children are encouraged not to give up and we make it clear that they are allowed to make mistakes as this is an integral part of the learning process. Mr Sullivan is big on the idea that even mistakes help us to improve. Indeed, Mr his favourite Einsteinian quotation (Mr Sullivan’s all-time scientific hero) is – “A person who’s never made a mistake has never tried anything new”

Form 4 is a year to be remembered for all time and for all the right reasons.

Homework schedule:

Mon – Maths
Tues – English
Wed – Verbal Reasoning
Thurs – Non-Verbal Reasoning
Fri – Spellings, spelling sentences and Maths

The children also continue to have weekly Music, Spanish, IT and PE lessons delivered by specialist teachers. They also participate in Forest School sessions fortnightly.

Form 4 Staff

Miss K Ingleby


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