School Uniform

Whittaker’s are the School Outfitters and all children are required to wear the uniform stipulated on the clothing list. Their address is:

123/125 Chorley Road



M27 4AA

0161 794 1396.

Online Link : Branwood Online Uniform Ordering

There are various ways to purchase uniform please click here for details on the options.

For further details, please see our Uniform Policy.

Children receive Physical Education on Thursdays and Fridays and parents are asked to ensure that children attend school dressed in PE kit on these days.

Children must adhere to the dress code, which covers hair, jewellery and nail varnish and is contained within the Uniform Policy.

School Bags

The school has a supply of appropriate Branwood bags which are mandatory for school use. When an older child goes swimming, a bag suitable for this activity is acceptable. All bags can only be purchased from the school office.

Second Hand Clothing

A very helpful second hand clothing service is run in the school. Please contact the school office for further information on