Form Six

For children aged 10-11

The final year at Branwood is very much the culmination of all that has gone before throughout the school. It is the year when the children will sit both the 11+ Trafford examinations and the independent grammar school entrance examinations for the Manchester Consortium and beyond. It is the final push that allows them to be in the perfect position to achieve their very best in these examinations and to reap the rewards of all the hard work they have put in throughout their time at Branwood.

Subsequently, the first half of the academic year is spent mindfully guiding the children through the challenges they will face. We use our expert knowledge and experience to help each individual student to fine-tune the techniques and strategies that will bring them the greatest success and build up their confidence in being able to face the rigours of the examination process. We approach it very much as a team effort among the children, the staff and home, all supporting each individual member of the class in reaching their peak. It is a testament to the close-knit, supportive approach we take that our children achieve so much at this time, and feel so well prepared for the trials they face.

However, there is so much more to Form 6 at Branwood than the outstanding culmination to a wonderful preparatory academic career. Form 6 is also a time of growth and learning in the children’s personal and social development. Here, we seek to foster the maturity and responsibility that will help the children to transition to their chosen school with greater ease, allowing them to approach this potentially daunting time in a positive and confident way. Our success in preparing the children so well in this aspect of their growth is just as much the key to Form 6 as is the fantastic academic outcomes we provide. The high opinion that their chosen schools have of them and their continued future success once again display the fantastic grounding they have had at Branwood in helping them to develop into well-rounded individuals and outstanding future citizens.

We like to think that a Branwood child stands out and shines in any company, having our school ethos instilled in them, and by the end of Form 6, we are always proud to send our confident, well-prepared students out into the wider world confident in themselves and capable of continuing their great start in life.

The children also continue to have weekly Music, Spanish, IT and PE lessons delivered by specialist teachers. They also participate in Forest School sessions fortnightly.

Form Six Staff

Mr C Sullivan

Teacher, Assistant Head, SENDCo

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