At Branwood Preparatory school we are very proud of our sporting abilities and the wide variety of opportunities offered to our pupils.

From the start of their Branwood career, children are given P. E. and sporting tuition with a view to their learning both individual coordination and co-operative teamwork. Mr Stockley runs the P.E. department and provides all classes with a well planned, varied and progressive curriculum. Our aim is to increase the health and fitness of the pupils and open up opportunities for children to take part in a wide variety of sports.

As part of our ISA membership we are able to give the children many sporting competition opportunities and have had many success in National Finals at swimming, Cross Country and five-a-side-football as well as successes in netball and lacrosse.

The curriculum comprises a range of different activities, from those based around the early learning goals in the foundation stage to more traditional team sports at the upper age range. Specific sports covered include: football, netball, cross-country running, hockey, rugby skills, gymnastics, dance, tennis, rounders, cricket, handball, volleyball, badminton, lacrosse, multi-skills, athletics and problem solving games. Children are encouraged to work as an individual and as part of a team.

All children from Form 3 onwards go swimming weekly for half of the academic year. Professional instructors at Worsley pool are in charge of tuition.

The PE department is run by sports specialist – Premier Education, who also provide a full range of sports after school clubs throughout the academic year run by Mr Stockley.

Please find below a link which details the curriculum covered and report details for your information.

Curricular SOW User Guide