School Day

These are the timings for the school day and we pride ourselves on our pupils being prompt, smart and ready to learn.
Vehicular access to the site is from 7.45am and access to the school building is from 8.00am where the children are supervised in their classrooms by staff members. There is no charge for this service. No parking is allowed on any of the yellow lines on the school site for health & safety reasons.
Registration 8.35am
Break 10.30 – 11.00am
Lunchtime – Lower School 12:00 – 1.00pm
Lunchtime – Upper School 12:30 – 1.30pm
Hometime (Staggered) 3.00pm (KG1) to 3.30pm (Form 6)

Please note that in order to ensure the safety of all our staff and children the following procedure for vehicular access when dropping off and collecting must be adhered to.

The speed limit is 10mph at all times for all vehicles throughout the school grounds

  • From Stafford Road, vehicles must enter along the left side of the main building
  • Vehicles must slow for the zebra crossing and stop for pedestrians
  • Vehicles must park in three rows, as per the diagram below
  • The first row of vehicles should pull forward up to the netball court line
  • When exiting, vehicles on the front row should wait until the vehicle behind has left in order to safely reverse and exit to the left
  • Vehicles on the second row must carefully reverse before exiting to the left
  • Vehicles on the back row should exit to the left, being mindful of cars reversing
  • Both sets of gates will be locked at 3.40pm, regardless of whether cars are still parked

The School operates a staggered collection system to ensure that the playground does not get congested at the end of each day. In order to ensure this system functions as designed:

  • Children should not be permitted to play on the grounds at any time following collection – children are not permitted to play on what is essentially a carpark – children must be supervised by a responsible adult at all times
  • All vehicles should exit the playground as soon as children have been collected to make room for incoming traffic – failure to do so causes bottlenecks, bad parking and creates an opportunity for accidents


Any users who persistently disregard these arrangements will have parking facilities on the school site removed. Parents should feel free to report persistent misuse to the school office. Thank you for your co-operation in this matter.