Reading Challenge Continued …

Form 4’s reading odyssey continues to impress. Our whole class reward is clearly in sight now, with our reading challenge marble jar edging closer to being full. This week…

From a fantastic holiday, to a fantasy creature, Lamaisah (dressed in suitably colourful attire) enjoyed reading Unicorn Magic on her holiday sun lounger

Jacob sent us a picture of himself reading the latest chapter of his current book. He’d taken a stop-over from his long flight to India in…erm…oh gosh…I can’t remember exactly where now! I’m sure that all of you Bee readers can figure it out.

Lottie was so engrossed in her book that she either dropped from a garden tree in mid-sentence or she was showcasing her flawless flipping skills. It’s hard to tell. A very well-timed snap there nonetheless!

Francesca’s super reading skills match her gymnastics abilities, as you can see here. I wonder if the rumours that she can hold a book with her feet and turn the pages with her toes are true? I’m sure that Francesca will tell all if we ask her nicely!

Displaying a ‘Stohniy’ disposition, Katy decided to take the plunge with her book – quite literally! Despite her book being about Magic Molly the cat, Katy ignored the famous feline dislike of water with a dip in the pool. I only hope that this wasn’t a library book Katy.