Trustees & Governors


The role of the Trustees is to oversee all financial aspects of the school and its relationship with the Charities’ Commission.

  • Mr T. Cramant (Chair)
  • Mrs J. Wilcox
  • Mr M. Fletcher
  • Mr D. Taylor
  • Mr M. Foster
  • Miss J. Lydon

Governing Board

The school Governors provide oversight for the day to day running of the school.

  • Mrs J. Wilcox (Chair)
  • Mrs J. Walker (Teacher Representative)
  • Mr P. Gallagher
  • Mrs T. Davie
  • Rev. A.L. Critchlow

School Officers

  • Solicitors – Butcher & Barlow
  • Auditors – Warings
  • Bankers – Royal Bank of Scotland
  • Insurance Brokers – Hettle Andrews Ltd and Watson Laurie Ltd

The Trustees and Governors may be contacted via the school.