First Week Back

KG2 have made a fantastic start to the school year. They have all settled in the new routine really well and it seems like months rather than almost two weeks since we came back from the summer break.

This week the children have been reading the books ‘Stick Man’ and ‘Stanley’s Stick’ during their literacy lessons. Then when we went to our first Forest School session of the year, Emma had planned a whole session based on sticks – and even used the books that we have been reading! It was as if she knew what we were doing. We loved collecting sticks, and it was heartwarming to watch the children carry the larger sticks together as if they do it every day. They could make their own Stick Man or Stick Lady Love, paint, write and fish using sticks. Some children made up their own games whilst others enjoyed making potions using sticks, leaves, petals etc. KG2 enjoyed using their imagination to use sticks for many different purposes. What a fantastic week we have had in KG2.