Form 4 Extreme Reading

Form 4 have been wowing us with their ultra-imaginative reading exploits. We will send out four or five pictures over the next few editions of the Branwood Bee to show you how committed we are to our reading. Keep your eyes peeled everyone.

This week, allow me to present:


Isabel showing us how she just can’t put down her favourite book, even when she’s on an adventure playground. She thinks that a good book can be just as exciting an adventure!

Mae Muller may have ‘written a song’, but Grace and her dog Sandy read a book! How they managed to keep their concentration with the eyes of Europe and beyond on them is anyone’s guess!

Charlotte has the love of reading running through her veins, so it made sense for her to jog on the treadmill while she enjoyed a chapter of her latest book. There’s no doubting her commitment!

When Ahmed’s family told him that being engrossed in a good book makes all of your worries float away, he wasn’t expecting to find himself ascending in the style of Disney’s ‘Up’ film!