Blackpool Zoo Trip

The highlight of this week was our trip to Blackpool Zoo. During the year we study Dinosaurs in History, animals in Science and The Rainforest in Geography so it seemed fitting to take a trip where we can discover more about these topics.

The day started with an educational session with our guide Joe. He did a wonderful job of teaching the children about why we need to look after the rainforest. They were thrilled when he let them explore crocodile jaws, orangutan hair, penguin feathers and snakeskin – we even got to meet Sticky the stick insect.

The weather was kind to us, so we enjoyed our lunch outside while watching the sea lion show. Throughout the day we observed swinging monkeys, a prowling lion, cheeky orangutans, jumping wallabies, a whole assortment of birds and primates and giraffes munching on leaves.

We were very proud of Form 1 who were excellent ambassadors of our school and behaved impeccably. They had great fun making memories and exploring the inhabitants of the world.