Knowsley Safari Park

On Tuesday KG2 had their first trip out of school. As part of our topic, animals changing and growing, we visited Knowsley Safari Park. We left Branwood once we were all ready and got onto our coach. Once we had our seatbelts on, and Mrs Boulton had counted us a hundred times, we were off. When we arrived we went to our classroom session which was all about habitats. We learnt what a habitat is and discussed where different animals live. We compared an ostrich egg to the chick eggs which we hatched a couple of weeks ago and learnt about the different feathers birds have. After this session, it was time for lunch as we eagerly awaited the sea lion display. We all thoroughly enjoyed meeting the sea lions, watching how they communicated and the tricks that they could do. Then it was time for our tour. We enjoyed (most of us) Mrs Boulton’s commentary as we drove around the park. We were lucky enough to see a pride of lions sunbathing at the side of the road. We also saw zebras, rhinos, deer, gazelles, buffalo and many more.  Finally, we drove home whilst some children slept and others chatted about their amazing day at the safari park. Lots of fantastic memories were made that day and we will be talking about it for many days to come.