This week Form 1 have been busy learning about the life of King Charles III and what will happen during his coronation. They each created their very own crown and spent the day being kings and queens. Friday was a wonderful day, full of smiles and laughter. We thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon tea that Mr Pattinson and his team provided for us. And both Miss Macdonald and I had a whale of a time partying with Form One.

In maths, we had great fun measuring everyday objects. We measured in the classroom using cm and half cm and then we went outside and used the larger tape measures to measure in cm and m.

In geography, we continued to learn about the rainforest. This week we focused on the layers in the rainforest and the animals who live in each layer. Form 1 were also taught a very fun song about the layers in the rainforest – we now find ourselves randomly humming it!