First Half Term






Autumn adventures were highlights for KG1.

The children had a super time being scientists, using the magnifying glasses to take a closer look at the different types of leaves they had collected on their Autumn walk. They used their motor skills to do some leaf rubbings with wax crayons and were really surprised to see how much of the leaves textures were shown in the rubbings.

In Forest School last week they had a magical experience. Who knew that conkers could be turned into soap? Conker medals were made as were conker snails. The children had lots of fun playing a parachute game with Autumn leaves, mixing up conker stew and bashing conkers with mallets to find out how to make the conker soap!

The children attended their very first assembly celebrating the Harvest Festival. I was very proud of their singing and how sensible they were in the hall.

KG1 have come to the end of their first half term at Branwood. I am so proud of all their endeavours. They have had lots of new things to learn including Spanish, P.E, and Music, and have learnt many new skills in Phonics, Reading and Maths. They have adapted to many new routines, met lots of new people and been busy making new friends. They have been happy and enthusiastic about all their learning and have made me smile every day.

They have epitomised our class motto of ‘we love to learn and learn to love’. Well done KG1.

A special shout out to all the Parents who have been so supportive this half term, thank you.