Reading Challenge

Another day, another zany way to read in Form 4.

When Ananth told us that he loves to read on a drive, we didn’t know that he meant his driveWAY! A much wiser book choice there too than the Mini Cooper handbook for sure.

Hardback, paperback, roof-rack(?!); Ella is also a fan of reading on top of her car and looks so engrossed here that I doubt she’d have noticed if her mum or dad had taken the car for a spin!

We’ve all heard of a reading light, but Sophia F ended up reading light-HEADED after defying gravity with her book exploits. One chilled out lady there!

Theo shocked us with this monster effort, featuring Godzilla. Radiation might have awoken this famous Japanese cinema beast, but Theo radiates a love of the written word. A Theo without a book is far scarier than this prehistoric fantasy beast, trust me!

Thomas came up with this ingenious way of reading, hands-free. I’m not quite sure how he turns the pages, but full marks for energy saving there buddy!

Finally this week, Sofia N’s stretch of imagination is equal to her impressive leg stretching. If Mr Sullivan tried that deft move, the next book that he’d be reading would be First Aid For Dummies!