The Salford Museum & The Lowry Art Gallery

The highlight of our week has been our school trip to The Salford Museum and The Lowry Art Gallery.

We have been learning about life in Victorian times and famous people of that era. At the museum we learnt about a Victorian washday and helped Mr Brown wash his stinky socks. We had fun playing with some old fashioned toys and visiting Larkhill Place, which is a replica of a Victorian street. The children were asked to do some shopping for both a poor and rich family and we looked at the different types of shops and home in which people lived. We all decided we would not have wanted to live then, when times were so hard!

This was followed by a trip to the Lowry and we enjoyed seeing some of Lowry’s original artwork. Many of the pieces were familiar to us from our studies in class. We chose our favourite landscape and portrait pictures to draw and returned to school full of enthusiasm to complete our own Lowry masterpieces.